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About the colouring in page

About the drawing

About having more arty fun

About sharing


About the Colouring In Page


This colouring in page is a free download for you to print out and colour in

It is taken from a drawing that I, Mandy, did in the late 90's

It was drawn using Faber Castel and Derwent pencils on a black leathercraft paper

Here are the colours that I used in the original, next to the example of the page for you to print out and colour in


and here is a larger version of the drawing - so that you can put it on your screen, have a closer look and use it like a jigsaw puzzle/colour by numbers if you want to



The Meaning Behind the Drawing

This drawing is about beginning a big project and sowing the seeds for your future

its about starting off small and growing

they are happy in their tasks

and you can see the rewards to come in the great big plants they are next to

It partners with a drawing about the end stages of building something -called Coming Into Shore

click on any of the images below to see the other pictures in this series


About Having More Arty Fun

Have you ever thought about playing with watercolour

I can show you some really simple exercises

that anyone can do ..... and love

Coloured pencils are fun - I know!

because I was a coloured pencil artist for 20 years

and I loved it

But there is even more fun to be had with watercolour and markmaking

its the next step in growing your artistic skills

and the methods I show you

expand your creativity and freedom

you still get to use your pencils

and its so much better

I can show you a simple pathway to explore art

that is way more relaxing

where there is no right or wrong

where the art you create is ALL YOU

and with my simple direction

all the artworks you create are beautiful

If you are ready to create something free, loose and ORIGINAL- I can help you

click the button below to read about a free easy course to start your journey

so start with the free course ... and if you like my style of teaching - then there are plenty more options

I create art workshop books and send them all over the world with artisinal watercolour paint that I make

These books are all about an easy step by step program to explore Abstract Art

This was the same pathway that I took

to go from being a lyrical coloured pencil artist, creating works like the drawings I am sharing here

- to becoming an abstract watercolour and multimedia painter

and having more fun with creating art than i have ever had before

you can too


About Sharing

I would love to see anything you create - your welcome to put it in the mandyevansartist creative community

just request to join and you will be let straight through

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About the Artist

Hi - I'm Mandy and I help people expand thier creativity and discover a real freedom,joy and originality in their work

by branching out into easy abstract markmaking art

I shall explain

For 30 years, as a career artist, I spent every day creating art that has meaning - tells a story - says something

and - I LOVED IT

but I always deep down wanted to be free and loose

Everything that I drew had a certain shape, a certain line

it had portent and meaning

which is great

but its also restrictive - and has boundaries

If you dont get that line right ... then it looks wrong

So when I finally broke through - and discovered the freedom in just painting for paintings sake

by just using simple spashes of colour and markmaking patterns

I can honestly say I have never enjoyed being an artist more

There is so much liberation in just letting the paint flow

and looking at the colours blend

and not having to SAY something

There is a freedom in abstraction and patterning

a relaxation and a letting go with the chaos of watercolour


its all you

instead of looking at wether your tree looks like a tree

you are looking at your work thinking about the balance of shapes and colour

this process makes you think about the fundamentals of a painting

and not the surface story

this makes you a MUCH better artist

Its easy

and free

so check it out and see what you think