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Welcome to Mandys Art

Hi - thanks for looking me up online - I am a lifelong artist, and have a huge body of work on here to look at. The most important being the limited edition prints

Thats because I spent years making them in order to fund the building of beautiful gardens

have been drawing the gardens I want to build for my whole life

Eventually I had to make a huge decision -

do I draw about it and hope something will happen -

or do I do something about it

and so i did something about it

I shut down my shops and moved to a small country town

where learnt how to sculpt

and began making the blocks

over the last few years I have developed a modular garden system,

mainly for myself, but it works beautifully in tiny backyards -

the building blocks and sculptures combining to make great spaces

and 12 months ago we bought a property

also...lately I painted a couple of exhibitions of abstract paintings

This website is constantly expanding as I regularly make new little mini websites showing different series of my work - and send them out to newsletter subscribers - They are full of discounts , freebies and animations.

Every now and then we have a limited edition print special -and a competition sent out to subscribers with an easy to enter button

I have tried to break it up into basic categories to make it easier, but perhaps the best way to get to know my work

is just subscribe

things for you to look at....


things for you to buy


Small Mounted Prints

Broken up into many different catagories and mini sites

see all the themes


Original Art

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a cement sculpture made by Mandy of twp people immersed into a boat one of Mandys gorgeous cement bowls in a dramatic dark setting with the words - design your future a sculpted cement love heart made by Mandy Evans Artist One of Mandys mandala drawings split in half and inversed with the words - everything is one and the same Two gorgeous small cement bowls on hand carved cement plints with a groovy patterned design on paper pinned behind them - all made by Mandy A hand sculpted cement pear by Mandy with the words - less is more