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Containing all the workshops - all the livestreams - all the latest colour information - and weekly emails with pdf's about expanding your creativity and building a healthy art habit

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a shot of the swatch painting workshop booklets a photo of the booklet leaning against a framed artwork an example of the abstract watercolour patterns that you can make an example of stamp painting with a white tree icon over a stamped background an icon of a the art garden logo

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The Art Garden Group Upgrade

The Art Garden is a year long subscription Facebook based group that contains all of Mandys courses -

....and the new courses as she makes them

Hours and of hours of Livestreams * Edited Digital Courses * Emails Sequences * Pdfs

As more and more workshop videos, courses and Facebook groups are being created - it has become unweildy - and a bit hard to find what you need in amongst it all

So over the coming months - the Art Garden is getting an upgrade

scroll down to see more about the whole restructure -

The short story is that its exciting...and is aimed at giving you the best and easiest experience in learning

and here is the menu for the long story

The best way to enter right now is through the Watercolour Bundle - watch the video below to find out more

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The Art Garden Vision

The online group came about after I had built the real Art Garden Gallery in Beverley Western Australia.

As a multidisciplinary artist for over 40 years who has had many galleries - this latest gallery contains both an inside and an outside area

It houses workshops,
an area to sculpt in
the whole thing is a fabulous vegetable garden
a huge painting space where you can splash crap everywhere with free abandon
somewhere to make paint ... which is fundamentally smearing glue and colour on everything... and yourself
and when you clean it all up it looks fabulous

Because - true creativity doesnt niche down into one tiny technique ..... it is unbounded and expanding

It takes on all forms ... in many mediums

and it works best when you cross over and mix it up

to check out the actual art garden gallery click here

images of the Art Garden Gallery in Beverley W.A.

So when I started making online art courses and workshop books -

I knew that the ultimate course would contain all sorts of different mediums ...and take on all forms....
and I had this vision for a multi disciplinary art group that IS AMAZING

notebooks covered in mandala pattterned art a group of patterned rocks a mauve butterfly patterned with abstract mandalas two painted hearts with abstract mandala patterning a greeny brown mandala pattern a group of painted hearts in gorgeous colours


Well they say genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration

too true

and at this point I have barely left do a good course takes ages

and just at the point where I was going to finally stop making watercolour courses and publicly launch the first acrylic painting course.....

I started developing a new course and workbook in watercolours ... and I have to do it because it is going to be the best one yet....more on that later

So where are we now....

well, I have created 5 finished courses so far in the art garden ... have been developing another 3 in acrylic...and made huge leaps forward in colour

an icon of the abstract patterns workbook an icon of the 3 bowls art instructional booklet an icon of the big watercolour art workshop book an icon of the abstract painting step by step workbook a collection of 3 abstract watercolour art workshop book icons in a bundle an icon of the new swatch painting step by step art workshop book

The 'digital' aspect of each course is a little bit different in its delivery as I have searched for the ideal format

and they are all based around facebook groups

I love the interactive aspect of a Facebook group,

inside each one there are vast hours of livestreaming, and people upload their art all the time

So I kept making a new group for each course

so now when you join the Art Garden you have to join a stack of different groups to be able to see the videos

and then there is the problem that not everybody uses facebook .. and cant join the groups


blue and green watercolour stripes patterned with mark making


I will keep the Art Garden Group

where I will put ALL the livestreams

and create a new public group called... mandyevansartist...?

then all the other groups will be removed

one by one -

as they are replaced with self paced online classes that are available through my website

so for people who have bought just one or two of my courses - they will get the new and improved digital courses

and then only the people in the Art Garden will get access to the bevvy of livestreams from the past

which makes them special



For the past 3 years I have been making paint...almost like a

and in doing so, I have learnt HUGE amounts about colour

as an artist of 40 years I found what I didnt know really surprised me

intuitively I know how to mix colours

but when it came to breaking it down and explaining it

or recreating it, like exactly, to go in the same bowl

I was lost

so as I have made a breakthrough with my own learning I have translated the information into interactive paint cards

what has taken me months of daily work and research

is hopefully super easy to understand with the colour by numbers paint card

first it was the 'Real Colour Wheel'

which is that there are 6 primaries, not 3

and knowing this make vast differences to how you can mix bright or muted colours

then.....due to my lack of being able to mix fabulous neutrals from even this wheel....

I worked out the modern colour wheel

I took the long way round and thought for a moment I had invented

but no - its actually a thing

and this one is great - because its way closer to the truth

and has a great learning curve about colour names

but what its done for me is pushed me into a whole new journey of discovery

where Im pretty sure the truth about colour is that its actually magic

or thats what Im calling my new book when I make it .....'Colour Magic'

an interactive colour mixing book....gorgeous

but thats for later

right now the new colour card Im developing is all about harmony

and is looking something like this

but today if you buy the bundle offer into the art garden

you get sent a 36 dot paintcard which contains all of these and more



During the period of upgrading each course

-I will be downloading the livestreams from the other Facebook groups, and uploading them into the Art Garden

So that when I shut down the group for that course - they wont be lost

then you can watch the livestreams back at your leisure whenever you have your painting time

Whether you are inspired by the regularity of the new information each week

or save them up and have a binge watching session on a balmy or rainy Sunday every now and then

they are there for however you approach your art practice,



In order for each seperate course to be available off Facebook

there has to be a new set of videos made to be housed on my website

This has always been a bugbear for me

as I am not a filmer....I am an artist

and I find it especially difficult to film myself

So this is one of the reasons I have been so heavily reliant on livestreaming information

...and I also use a bit of photoshop - which I think really helps

so....I suppose over all this time I must have picked up some skills

I have definately picked up a stack of equiptment along the way

So - I am not going to rush myself through each exercise

because I know that making an edited video is quite a huge amount of work for me

and I definately cant do it if Im stressed or trying to rush it

So I might take a few weeks to get through some of the exercises

especially when it comes to the Big Watercolour Course

because - quite honestly - this one is AMAZING - simple yet complex -

I am really looking forward to refining and improving this course



Personally I feel the Art Garden email sequence is possibly one of the most important aspects of this course

and I am SUPER excited about how the email sequence for the Art Garden is coming along

it takes 90 days to create a habit

if you do something, anything, for 90 days in a row....then you cant stop doing it

your addicted to it

it becomes something you NEED to do

so....using this premise ... and delivering it with one email a week

I would like to create an sequence that installs a regular habit of creating, and expanding creativity

art is healing

painting is medicine

its the best gift you could give yourself

So.....creating an email sequence that creates an regular healthy art habit is one of my missions during the restructuring process

if you would like to see the kind of printable pdfs and direction I am working on - check out this blog



Every course will be housed on my website behind a password protected page

after you put the password in for the course it will take you to a single page

organised with drop downs and accordions

which will house the whole of that course

this may not seem too exciting for you personally

But for me - Im seriously excited

the puzzle of coding the first template to make these webpages was BIG

so I have a lot of seretonin flooding about knowing I have conquered this

all it takes now is populating these pages with gorgeous art and the right videos

a colourful group of patterned rocks

So I hope you will join me in the Art Garden for this process

It may take a few months - or it may take many

- and it is only the first restructuring

Like the layers of a painting

After Watercolour comes a series of Acrylic Painting workshops

Where we end up painting great big intuitive canvases .... SO MUCH FUN

After that, which will take ages, I will go through the whole restructuring process again

and who knows what shape the Art Garden will take then

As a lifelong artist - I dont ever want to stop

I see the Art Garden as a work of art

something that grows and changes with me .... but only ever gets better

Its my job to create something that is worthy of subscribing to

and something that I LOVE

Over the 40 years of my art career I constantly expand my skills and grow

it happens slowly - but is continuous


Your welcome to join


With free paint and Private Groups

Get all 3 books and as a bonus you also get a free years subscription into the Art Garden

Get the entire Abstract Watercolour System

3 Books - Abstract Patterns, 3 Bowls and Big Watercolour
The 2 groups - 3 Bowls and Big Watercolour
free paint
and entry into the Art Garden Group for 1 year

thats $306 seperately

check out the video below to see more

purple and green watercolour stripes an example of the abstract watercolour patterns using botanical motifs on square watercolor wash shapes abstract botanical watercolour leaves in magenta and sea green magenta and purpled watercolor wash lined decorated with markmaking a nuetral coloured painting of balancing rocks patterned with simple shapes and patterns abstract botanical nuts and leaves in sage green with red highlights

pay $150 aud

other workbooks

a photo of the booklet leaning against a framed artwork an example of the abstract watercolour patterns that you can make an example of stamp painting with a white tree icon over a stamped background a shot of the swatch painting workshop booklets a front cover view of the workshop booklet an intuitive abstract painting by Mandy

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a cement sculpture made by Mandy of twp people immersed into a boat one of Mandys gorgeous cement bowls in a dramatic dark setting with the words - design your future a sculpted cement love heart made by Mandy Evans Artist One of Mandys mandala drawings split in half and inversed with the words - everything is one and the same Two gorgeous small cement bowls on hand carved cement plints with a groovy patterned design on paper pinned behind them - all made by Mandy A hand sculpted cement pear by Mandy with the words - less is more