"Geraldton Wax" is Painting 3

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"Geraldton Wax = Chamaelaucium uncinatum"

Generally grown as a medium sized shrub - this amazing plant has strong long lasting flowers that florists love. It comes from the Myrtaceae family.

Originally found near Geraldton in W.A. this flower is now grown all over Australia. It is a common plant but has limits to its range - prefering the dry air of the western autralian climate. You can grow it wherever lemons can be grown - but wether or not it will flower is another matter.

Its a Chamelaucium uncinatum that is growing in my neighbors yard at Beverley, Western Australia

If you know anything about this flower or have any information I could include in this description then please message me (include your email):

About the Painting

I love the pattern of the flower. This Geraldton Wax is iconic, and represents Western Australia. I have chosen the pink and purple coloured variety and it has ended up a soft and beautiful painting.

Whereas the previous flowers have been strong and striking (with the edges of the canvas painted in a dark burnt umber) - this painting is lucent (yes I used a thesaurus) with more pastel hues. It would suit a whiter room with more light, (I see a sunlit arbortorium with cane furniture and huge flower displays). The edges are painted in a light blue to match the hues of the painting (practically a white).

I have used gold paint (for the unopened buds) because they really were golden. So in a (flimsy) attempt at recreating nature I have used a reflective paint that glints when the sunlight shines on the painting.

The Gereldton Wax wildflower is the third painting finished in a series of Western Australian Wildflowers (as part of the latest 10 painting challenge)

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a picture of the gereldton-wax carda picture of the gereldton wax wildflower printa picture of the gereldton-wax original

See the Wildflower Paintings Happening

I have been uploading my drawings, sketches and the early stages of the paintings onto social media at the end of each day. If you are interested in art( or even creating some yourself) it may be useful to you

Also because I am working on quite a few at the same time it makes it quite interesting and varied to see

You can see each stage of the development of each painting happening right now on social media.

You Can Invest in Mandys Wildflower Art

I havent painted like this for years - since I shut everything down (shop, gallery, studio, life) and went to uni - I havent had the space. But I also did that (changed everything) because I just couldnt paint any more. I had been creating and selling - creating and selling like a machine for years with essentially nothing to show for it but a giant mortgage (so the bank did really well) and I had become sick of it.

But I dont think this is unusual for a mid career artist (The government actually has a "mid-career development grant" to help some artists to shut down their business and start again - wouldnt help me though because I had earnt "too much money" (bank did) and hadnt accessed grants before???.....so what they do is give the grants to people who HAVENT sold their work (which i see as a litmus test to how good your art is)..and spend their career being grant junkies..dont get me started....whinge over)

any way

This new series of work is being painted on canvases that I have made myself from the highest quality materials (beware of cheap shop bought canvases that will unexpectedly warp with the weather)

They are still being sold at a reasonable price, because I will make an extended income from the images out of cards, prints and royalties - this makes owning an original an exclusive investment.

Bonus Wildflower Cards




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    A multi skilled artist who loves digital technology is a rare find. It is a beautiful union of maths and art.

    She has spent a lifetime of succesfully creating art, and owning solo galleries to sell her work.

    Looking for peace and quiet she has moved a beautiful isolated town in the outback of Western Australia.

    With no distractions she is learning how to implement art on the internet, and creating new work in an entirely new way.


    The #10 painting challenge is just one of the strategies created for you to be involved in an online art experience.

    By plugging " #10paintingchallenge " into social media - it will bring up all of the wildflower paintings as they are being created.

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