An Original Painting of Sandcastles and Shells

A Limited Edition Print Original

This painting comes off the walls of my house. I had an original drawing penciled in (lol) for this spot and I CANT FIND IT - so in desperation to choose an original that is 'in theme' I have this original of the limited edition print - Sandcastles and Shells 3

I LOVE this painting - it is from a set of three huge paintings that became large limited edition prints (available here). The first painting is sold - but the other two have become wonderful features in my new home in Beverley

This painting has been through hanging in my gallery at Bootleg Brewery - been stored in my house at Dunsborough - it got moved to Vasse - then a storage unit - shifted by removalists (who broke the chello) to Beverley - even taking it outside to photograph it just then - I bumped it.

So it has been through the wars - If anyone were interested in buying this painting I would have to go over the whole thing with another layer - and I have always intended to do it in oils -


About the Painting

The concept of Sandcastles and Shells started its life as a coloured pencil drawing. (Available as a small print)

One of my favorite drawings! I started this with the intention of creating an entirely white artwork - but drawing takes FOREVER - so I broke down half way through and added the colour.

This left me with the intense longing to do it again and this time - MAKE IT ALL WHITE. So ... years later when I became proficient enough at painting I made a huge canvas of it - white and light and wonderful

But it didnt have the same finesse as the coloured still wasnt PERFECT..(isnt it funny that I have only just recently worked out that I am a control freak) I did it again, this time with the soft pastel hues that I had wanted to add in the first painting but wouldnt let myself.

By this time there was a whole display at the Bootleg Brewery gallery being built up around the paintings, and to complete the whole wall there had to be a third painting. So it became the final piece - the progression of colour - from light to dark, this time I did the buildings on the other side (which works really well with the final two as a set) -


The Painting

This is a huge sized canvas, being 150cm x 150cm x 5cm. It is on a strong weave (10 ounce) with acrylic paint.

This is an original acrylic painting by Mandy - on 10-12 ounce canvas

If you look closely in the left hand side of the photo is a cement block I have carved with the building theme.

The canvas is 'gallery wrapped' - meaning the corners are tucked and folded in (no framing required)


Care of Art

As with all works of art, common sense must be used to protect the color from fading. This information is just as relevant with painting as it is with pencil - although acrylic paints are way more resilient than coloured pencils.

So as with all art it is best to keep out of direct sunlight. You can wash a painting down gently with warm water.

Original Painting of Sandcastles and Shells 3

This acrylic painting by Mandy is on a heavy canvas, gallery wrapped onto strong heavy stretcher bar and comes ready to hang

1.5 meters x 1.5 meters x 5cm

This painting is the original to a limited edition print - as explained earlier if you were serious about buying the painting I would have to go over the whole thing with another layer (probably oils) which is a huge job.

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