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Seascape Paintings of Cape Naturaliste


The blowout at Injidup is a giant sandune that people sandboard down. It is white and glaring - there is no shade - the whole bay is like that - it is the embodiment of the australian beach experience - almost melting you into the ocean

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A Poem by Cousin Caroline

Caroline Stanbury

" Journey up the Sandhills without a care...running down the Sandhills with wind in our hair.
The smell of salt and old seaweed making our noses crinkle..."unusual" smells from the underbrush making my mothers frown wrinkle.
Sunburn, peeling noses and "horrie out the back"...being dumped, scared shitless and sand in my crack.
My youth, my heart, my favourite place...lucky my cousin Mandy has captured this space"

Mandy Evans

Thanks Caroline - this is great"

"Injidup" In Situ

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