a view of the entire bay at Yallingup, including the headland of Smiths Beach on one side looking up to Sugarloaf Rock on the other

Seascape Paintings

The Mid Career Paintings of Seascapes

This series of seascape paintings is from throughout the first decade of 2000's when I lived in Dunsborough and had a gallery at Bootleg Brewery (among other things) -


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Seascape Paintings of Cape Naturaliste

These paintings are all scenes from the left hand side of Cape Naturaliste of W.A. This is the rocky side - the side that all the surf happens and the more dramatic scenery.

The right hand side is quiet and soft, with an almost paddling pool type quality that is a haven for small kiddies to swim - Early last year I did a newsletter about some of these quieter beaches around Dunsborough

This collection of paintings begin from one of my very first accomplished attempts at painting ( which is "smiths beach 1" ) which I could guess may have been in the late 90's - through to when I had a coffee shop/art gallery in the center of Dunsborough from the early part of this decade (which is "yallingup")


Paintings entire bays usually took two or three canvases. It was something I started doing when I drew in coloured pencils and could never find a piece of paper big enough, and then when I started painting and the canvases got bigger - it meant I could still fit the great big paintings in the car - so I painted some huge scenes.

Then lately I have been photoshopping the images together.

Yallingup Beach

I painted two seperate triptychs of this same scene. One with people and one without. I never put people in the landscapes - so I decided to give it a go - and in the end it disturbed the scene so much - i had to paint Yallingup without them, I felt it was a great improvement - as I enjoy Yallingup the most when you go for a swim or a walk and you are the only one in this magnifcent scenery - which seems to happen all the time

The images in the collection are an amalgamation of the two triptychs ('Yallingup Beach 1' has a person in it), but here I chose to photoshop the empty bay together

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