Limited Edition Print of the Month

Lovers in the Sky

The limited edition print that Mandy is showcasing this month is 'Lovers in the Sky'. It is a lithographic poster printed onto 240gsm monsa satin paper. It is available for you to buy for $120au on the main website


This limited edition print shows two lovers flying in the air - it represents the uplifted feelings and emotions we experience together in the throes of romance

The History of Lovers in the Sky - by Mandy

I have painting people in the sky for decades now - It stems from having lost members of my family - I think I originally used art to put them somewhere or express my hopes that really they were always with me. As the years went on I also began to see the spirits in the sky as my phyche or emotions (unless i draw it like a pattern in the atmosphere which definately represents all the dead people floating around and becoming dark matter - I shall explain this is a later newsletter)

Flying Lovers

a bold icon of two lovers flying in the skythe same bold icon of flying lovers in different coloursthe archetype of lovers in the skyanother example of the couple flying together in the air - an icon that permeates mandys art

Upon googling 'Flying Couple Painting' I have discovered that it is the most beautiful historical motif. The most famous of all being Marc Chagall. The latest painting I have done is called 'Love is in the Air' and is one of the images in the collection on this website.

The Buildings

archetypal shapes of simple buildings iconic to mandys artmore simple building shapes painted by mandythe simple pattern of buildings in one of Mandys earlier drawings, this time surrounded by junglethe same iconic building shapes, but this time in sand

The buildings are created from basic shapes. Circles, squares and triangles. They are a continuing motif in my work and make me feel calm when i create them.

The Three Trees

the three simple trees that are at the forefront of the lovers in the sky limited editionthe three trees icons in one of Mandys early coloured pencil drawingsa pastel drawing of three trees with maori icins hidden within themthe three trees that are in the romanting painting - the proposal

I have always liked to paint 3 trees, it is compositionally strong - but i think to me it is more than that. So I looked it up on google to see if it was an icon like lovers flying in the isnt - but I did find a lovely bible story about three trees. Perhaps I have read this in my childhood and it has affected my phyche somehow. The basic premise of the story is that the universe is always working in our favour - even if we cant see it at the time. Which works for me

The Newsletters

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