Love Heart Art

a placeholder with the words- send a message of love to the worldan animation by mandy depicting simple houses with lovehearts bouncing around them
a collection of three of Mandys loveheart series pictures with the words - send a free ecardone of Mandys love heart paintings depicting a simplified person holding a big red love heart an image of the four limited edition prints that mandy has on sale with the words-buy a setone of the love heart art paintings by Mandy depicting a simplified person dancing in the air surrounded by lovehearts examples of two small original paintings of mandys love heart art with angels flying in the skya stylized image of an angel holding a large red loveheart

Love Heart Art

This series of work was inspired by thinking "what message do I want to send to the world"

Its about thinking big

and what better icon represents the one emotion that you would want to universally share a love heart is a metaphore for it all

Love heart art was the focus of my work for years.

I owned a coffee shop/art gallery (Mandys art cafe) in Dunsborough, a popular tourist town of Western Australia and would paint in public out the back.

If you had a message to send to the world - what would you say

This is a wonderful question to ask yourself before you create some art -

Its the question we asked ourselves one night on a full moon when my sister and I decided to take up graffiti. We grabbed the art supplies that are always just lying around, went out into the streets and then it hit us....What do you say? We think tagging is ridiculous (which is why more middle aged people should commit graffitti.)

So after much deliberation (and a couple of fish) we decided that there is only one thing we wanted to anonomously say - one emotion to universally share .....(and thats how we started all those love hearts appearing around Dunsborough)

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