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a limited edition print by mandy of people sailing in a boat

Featured Limited Edition Print - The Busy Boat

This limited edition called 'The Busy Boat' is the focus of this newsletter.

The Busy Boat History

Throughout my career I have noticed that if I paint something, in retrospect - it seems to come true. Perhaps it is because there is always something personal in what I create. Or I am expressing the intentions for my life in my pictures, and this is where my life heads. But no image has been more spookily prophetic than The Busy Boat.


The original thought behind the creation of the image was that my friends and I were having enormous success in our careers (a pervading influence throughout quite a lot of my art) - so we shine like the stars.

A Success that Lasts Forever

In an affirmation of foruitious success in life that lasts for eternity we placed the olive tree - the oldest tree known to man. Annette was also working at 'The Olive Pit' in Dunsborough and we were really into olives at that time

Past - Present - Future

THE PAST - We have Annette on the left. She was always overwhelmed at the thought of major success through art (apparently she always wanted to be a nurse). To her the success was a troubled thought, so I placed her in the boat being carried along with her eyes closed as she clung on to the past.

THE PRESENT - I am in the middle of the boat - always knowing that we would be this successful and not fussed by the fanfare, focusing on the moment - this is my at the time dog Lulu.

THE FUTURE -This is Vanessa, not an artist at the time, but perhaps a great seller. She is relishing in the joy of the abundance of great success and looking forward to the future.

The Paintings Structure

A triangle is the strongest shape known to man - and in creating a strong order in the image I balanced shapes by putting a person with each of us. With Annette I put her husband. Considering her overwhelming emotions and obvious fear I placed him with his hand on her shoulder, and the thought I had in mind was that he was saying "it'll be alright". After I painted it, we all sat around and commented on how odd it was for him to be doing that as Annettes husband was most unsupportive of her artistic career.

Vanessa was single at the time and I asked her what sort of man she wanted in the painting. She wanted a flamboyant, shirtless french man with flaming hair. Due to the balance of the picture I dressed him, and ended up painting out the long hair and made it short.

The Spooky Part

Within 12 months of the completion of the picture, Annettes husband had suddenly died (making sense of the "it'll be all right" and the fact that he is no doubt supporting her if he can), and Vanessa was married to a conservative short haired man.

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