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Limited Edition Print - Beach

a limited edition print called beach depicting th view of a styalised bay cut into three distinct parts - left, middle and right

Limited Edition Print of the Month - Beach

This limited edition called 'Beach' is the theme of this months newsletter.(buy a print with a 50% discount here.) It is a simple beach reflecting the azure blue of the Dunsborough area. It is of no specific beach - being an inherent expression of all of them

Beach History

In the begginning of my art career the landscapes were drawn with coloured pencils. This example below is a scene from Quindalup, drawn with pencils on a black leathercraft paper. The picture was done 'in situe' or 'plein aire' sitting under a cabana for many days (which is generally how I work on landscape and seascape paintings).

Dunsborough Swimming Beach

These drawings were laborious and took many hours to complete. Weather dependent, flies and wind, sometimes it would be months before the images were ready. Drawing on site (as opposed to painting) has seperate issues because it is so slow. Time changes the light, things can look completely different from morning to night, let alone from one month to another. Sometimes the actual landscape would change as Dunsborough went through massive development, and still does.

Spending so long on every project was good training, as spending three months on a huge painting (or anything) has become quite achievable for me , as opposed to most artists today who have the attention span of a goldfish.

Early Pencil Drawings of the Area

I drew pictures from all over the cape - all of which will be covered in later newsletters. This is a small collection of images showing the pencils drawn on both white heavy cartridge paper, and the black leathercraft, where you can see the different effects.

The First Painting

The first painting I ever did was a scene of Bunker Bay from the lookout (see left). It was the most pleasurable place to sit being protected from the wind, and the view is magnificent. Although it did rain. The image on the right is a fusion of styles (something I still wants to explore in the future). It is a scene of the Old Dunsborough Swimming Beach.

A painting by Mandy of a view of bunker bay from the lookout A styalised acrylic painting by Mandy of the Old Dunsborough Swimming Beach with people flying in the sky

Future Newsletters

This selection of images are a tiny amount of the area that I has extensively covered, as time goes on there will be newsletters of the more exciting and dramatic parts of the cape like yallingup and bunker bay. If you would like to be sent these newletters as they are made - subscribe to 'Mandys Art'

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an image of a styalised beach inclusive of the whole bay, cut into three parts

Beach Limited Edition Print

This limited edition is 90 x 33cm( or approximately 45 x 15 inches)

$60 AUD for a limited time

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