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Creating Time to Create

It is easy to say that you are going to spend regular time creating art

but being truly motivated to create goes deeper than that

These blogs I am writing are designed to develop a healthy art practice

then to make a habit - then to become obsessed - and then to be a die hard creative till you die

The truth is - you dont want to be creating art just for the sake of "being creative"

It needs to be connected to something

be of value somehow

have a deeper and richer purpose

be part of a bigger picture

In the end - being a creative - and living a creative life

is the highest pursuit - right up the top there on Maslows Theory of Needs

its self actualisation

a life of the highest order

because 'being a creative' is not about 'just making stuff'

what you are doing is constantly working on your greatest project


Its a long and complicated process

so this starting at the beginning

If you really want to achieve something- it needs to be for a fundamental reason - that moves you to act -

Creating Time to Create is a fundamental step in building something beautiful with your life

so... to get you thinking about developing a plan to use time well - I have created a fun resource to print out and fill in -

this time they fit into the acronym of T.I.M.M.E

personally I am a huge fan of printables - I love to take them to a coffee shop - spend some quiet time away from my work - and let the printables questions guide me to focus and brainstorm

even if I get one piece of valuble information from the process - then its worth it

The Art Garden

Members of the Art Garden recieve a four week special extra series of printouts for this sequence

but for you today we have the cover pages for you to think about

The printouts today are the skeleton steps in a process of Transformation

They are a bit of fun - and any time spent on self assesment is valuable

Its about brainstorming and mindmapping ... writing down whatever comes into your thoughts

so print out the pages - turn off all distractions - fill them out - and see what YOU think

Step 1: True North

The first step in working out what to DO

is to work out what you WANT what do you really want? ...

write it down

This page is about your highest purpose

your ultimate goal

What do you think you were born to do


Step 2: Inventory - Assessing the Situation as it Stands Right Now

Using a classic '5 Pillars' approach - write down what is happening in your life right now in all these different aspects of your life

The biggest driving force of your behaviour is the WHY ... you are motivated to act because of your reason why

But to keep your world in balance - think about ALL things

higher purpose





this is a basic assesment - you want to think objectively - approach it like you were writing it about a friend

Step 3: Muse - Think About What you Want Your Life To Be In 12 Months Time

Pretend you have time travelled to your perfect future

What is your next level

What does your house look like, your car, your relationship

Spend some time day dreaming - there are no limitations - its only thought

How did your day go at work

Look at each of the 5 pillars from the sheet before - and upgrade them

Step 4: Materialize - Brainstorm the Materials Will Take

In thinking about the vision of your upgraded life

look at each pillar, and write down every physical thing you can think of that it will take to get there

What equiptment will you need

Reveal to yourself the material objects that you will need

Then break down how much it will cost

Then create your self a financial goal

and dont think small

Step 5: Extra Essentialism - Prioritize Your Next Steps

Its not enough to get random things done

you have to accomplish tasks that really matter to you and your long term goal

So document the next imediate steps you have to take to upgrade your life to the next level

Prioritize your Actions

Powerblock Your Time

Focus on Each Step one at a time

Essentialism is about breaking all your tasks into actionable steps and prioritizing them

but I like to take it one step further than that - by reducing it one more time

and every day

start by doing the most important thing on your list

then it doesnt matter what else you get up to after that - your done