An Original Coloured Pencil Drawing

From Long Ago

Since moving to Beverley I have been going through my stored art. (Those who know me will be surprised to find out that I am becoming organised) This is far from an overnight process, because years of chronic disorganisation and constant business has created a massive horde of 'stuff'.

Through the process of going through it all I have found some AMAZING originals. Some I have kept on purpose - like some of the originals to the limited edition prints and some - like this one - I didnt even know I had

Its like finding a fantastic present or an old friend, and has inspired the idea of going through all the old photos of and doing a website on the Yallingup Drawings


Yallingup Melauecas

This species of Melalueca tree are unique to Cape Naturaliste Western Australia (for some reason they also grow on Rottnest Island - but thats the only other place). They are hardy and grow clustered together up and down the headland.

What this creates is an understory that is protected from the wind and the wild weather where it is completely still and calm. Aboriginals used to live at Yallingup all the year round which is unheard of in their nomadic culture. But this beautiful place offered an abundance of food and safety - i was always told the aboriginal place name meant 'place of love'.

This drawing celebrates the unique flora and is iconic of Yallingup - its the tree at the top of the stairs down to the lagoon - something we pass every day on our way down for a swim.


The Drawing

Created in 1994(?) this drawing was not on display long before the glass in the frame was smashed - it was then placed behind a cupboard (to fix later).....

It is drawn onto a green leathercraft paper, original heavy stock made in Holland

Using the pencils with a heavy hand and laying down a thick coat of colour leaves the texture of the paper

Many layers of varying colour are layed over each other to create new colours

The pencils used are Faber Castell and Derwents artists quality

It was also drawn on site over many different sessions


Care of Art

As with all works of art, common sense must be used to protect the color from fading. Drawings must never be exhibited in direct sunlight. I have coloured pencil drawings in my private collection that are over thirty years old. These pieces still remain colorful and vibrant because I look after them.

Because these are works on paper, they are more vulnerable to damage than paintings. Always store unframed works in a flat dry place and frame under glass.

Original Coloured Pencil Drawing of Melaluecas 3

This coloured pencil drawing by Mandy is on a heavy green leathercraft paper, this creates the crackled texture. The pencils used are mainly faber castells and derwents - heavily laid down to create a thick lustre

45cm x 60cm including the 7cm mount


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