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Tash Hills

" Then there be the time When the Bettaneys had Surfside and Mark and I decided we would take all of Harbos cool drink bottles from hideaway holiday homes and cash them in at Surfside to play pinball and spacey machines and then steal them back from the back of Surfside and cash them in again. Dad got wind of it and marched us around the hill, knocking on peoples doors, explaining these were his children and they are thieves.Hence we didn't do that again....just learnt how to tweak a wire on the pinball machine to get some free games."

"melaluecas 1" In Situ

Here is a few examples of this series of Yallingup Drawings in unique and personal decorative displays in homes

The floor and the frames connect through the two dark coloured tealights on the table, all contrasting with the pastel surrounds


Putting the small prints into a group can fill a larger space and give a collective feel


Arranged in a vingnette with the modern free standing frames is a great way to display art


Would you like your image to be showcased in a webpage like this? Making vignettes (still life scenes around the home) is a trending and really fun thing to do - if you own any of my art and want to spend an afternoon creatively arranging objects around your home into a groovy photo shoot - I would love to see the pictures.

I have a few suggestions/guidelines on composition, lighting,texture ..etc that will help spark your creative juices - get sent a free download

Here are links to the other images in this series


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