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This drawing is the third picture in a triptych and by the time I reached here I began to look at magazines and book to find real fish to draw - it inspired a never ending series of drawing fish , going to aquariums, and researching what actually grows in the local area around me

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Quotes Inspired by Under the Ocean Art

Midge Avery

" What the sailors saw in times of past.
"Look, boys, there's a siren just aft!"
And they gaped and shivered as deemed not to touch her
by this ocean's lore.
Long ago those sailors saw"

Anna Marchesani

" Octopuses Garden"

Midge Avery

"Evolution of time and space changing all worldly water and place"


Here is a few examples of this series of prints of the Under the Ocean art in unique and personal decorative displays in homes

Would you like your image to be showcased in a webpage like this? Making vignettes (still life scenes around the home) is a trending and really fun thing to do - if you own any of my art and want to spend an afternoon creatively arranging objects around your home into a groovy photo shoot - I would love to see the pictures.

I have a few suggestions/guidelines on composition, lighting,texture ..etc that will help spark your creative juices - get sent a free download

Here are links to the other images in this series


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