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I am still making the workbook - so this webpage is a placeholder for when I am ready


This is a 'do it yourself' kit for the popular Stamp Painting Workshop that Mandy regularly holds at the Art Garden in Beverley

I have included everything you need, except the paint - with a step by step instructional booklet - showing how to make your own original and unique work of art to hang on your walls

a stamp painting in burnt orange and red with a bird in a tree motif an acrylic stamp paintingin blue hues with icons of atree with twp people in a boat an example of the stamp painting technique with icons of fish in aqua blue tonings a stamp painting in mauve and deep purples using the negative space to show a styalised woman a stamp painting in lime and deep green using the negative space to show a stylised man a stamp painting in burnt orange and red with a bird in a tree motif

Over time I will be making a video series to follow the booklet exercises

watch the introductory video to find out everything about it

2 - 3 hours training
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...groovy follow along BOOKLET
$39 aud

sent with free mailing in australia

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showing how to create gorgeous abstract watercolour markmaking swatches...and more

an example of the abstract watercolour patterns using botanical motifs on square watercolor wash shapes watercolour washes in a circlular format with abstract mark making shapes on them abstract watercolour patterns in pinks and blues many square watercolor wash shapes overlayed with white markmaking abstract patterns abstract mark making overlaying darker watercolour wash circles earthy indigeous pattwrns on top of hues of ochres in watercolour

Do simple, fun and easy step by step creative exercises that lead to a finished work of art to hang on your walls


This workshop series is for artists, and art enthusiasts in general can introduce a new technique into an already skilled creatives armoury

- or it can be for the relaxed Sunday afternoon creative exploration

a photo of the booklet leaning against a framed artwork a shot of the booklet from above an example of the abstract watercolour patterns that you can make a photo of the workbook opened up showing an inside page a front cover view of the workshop booklet an example of the abstract watercolour markmaking patterns in square shapes in darker hues

The Booklet

is designed for people who might not have all the right supplies and it neatly contains the exercises in one place

It is an excellent 'on holiday' experience, being light and easy to pack, and makes a fabulous gift

as you can see in the videos it contains some nice heavy paper in there to create some good works on - and the final page is taped off to show how having a crisp border can increase the quality and lift your work

booklet price
$39 aud

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This workshop is all about an easy technique that helps you to free yourself up and accept a bit of chaos on your canvas -

I spent many months working out the process and would love to share it all here with you in a series of simple steps


* This project book naturally breaks up into easily achievable stages

* It is simple and great fun

* this technique will help a beginner create a complete painting

* and is a wonderful addition to the skills of the accomplished artist

Other Workshops

Before I went completely abstract - I first became absorbed in mark making

It helped me to loosen up and realise how pleasurable art was without the boundaries of expectation

Every mark is a surprise - and there is no pressure because it can be a background that you paint over - it is a wonderful feeling

As a controlled artist for over 30 years I felt a rush of the wonder I had experienced as a young artist just learning everything, it was so exciting

Since then I have been breaking more and more boundaries and have immersed myself into abstract art - I LOVE IT - and you can do it too