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Welcome to the first page of the 11th newsletter / micro-website by MandyEvansArtist. Each month the new set of web pages are themed around one of Mandys series of limited edition prints. This month the featured print is....

Smiths Beach

From the seascape series - this limited edition print of Smiths Beach is one of the most popular limited editions. The original painting was created from under a cabana on the beach at Smiths looking toward Yallingup (along with the flies and the sand blowing, a few swims and a bottle of wine). It was then completed at home from photographs taken on the day

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The History of 'Smiths Beach'

The following image is one of the very first paintings I ever created.

Every few years I would go back to the same place and paint the same breathtaking scene

and I would like to think that my skills have slowley improved

This view of Smiths is my most recent painting of the beach

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Smiths Beach Insitue

Here are some examples of the Smiths Beach limited edition print in photos I have created. I prefer the large mount - it gives more breathing space to images.

I like a large sandy wood frame - and here I have put it with a light out door floor

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Here I have placed it with a seascape theme and matching pillows and accents

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This time I placed it with a matching floor (to frame) and the ocean is highlighted with the accessories

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Would you like your image to be showcased in a webpage like this? Making vignettes (still life scenes around the home) is a trending and really fun thing to do - if you own any of my art and want to spend an afternoon creatively arranging objects around your home into a groovy photo shoot - I would love to see the pictures.

I have a few suggestions/guidelines on composition, lighting,texture ..etc that will help spark your creative juices - Get sent the free download

Super Fabulous Free Mailing

The mailing is free within australia - and it comes in a great big package (60cm x 80cm)

Imagine getting such a big present - and with some colourful paper and gorgeous big ribbons -Imagine giving such a great present (I did it last christmas - awesome).

The foam-core that makes the package also ends up being really useful for kids to paint and draw on, or to express big designs on or , something I did the other day, was to make a huge wall calander - nothing is wasted.

Product Details

The value of buying a limited edition print is that it is LIMITED. The more that sell- the less there are - the prices go up....just saying...

anyway - the details are:

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