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Special Priced Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Print

Working in the Garden

In this picture the people fly in the sky representing the happiness and joy in the emotion of the surrounding ... and then there are the birds, who love it when we garden

Available for only $60 for a limited time

Signed and Numbered

This limited edition print is a short run lithographic print of 900 copies throughout the if you divide the 7.4 billion on the planet .... it means there is a mind bogglingly small percentage of people can own one - so its like winning lotto

Each limited edition is hand signed and numbered by Mandy - as the prints are sold, the price goes up. There are a few images already that will not go into this sales process and are worth more than the others

They are printed on a high quality 270gsm monsa satin paper stock - so they are smooth - no fake canvas-like bumps , and it is the strongest paper that doesnt crease when you roll it into a mailing tube