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Creating Space to Create

If you want to get little kiddies excited about regular art play Then you set them up a gorgeous art space - with all their tools on display - and super inviting to sit down and enjoy themselves

So why wouldnt you give yourself the same luxury

If you want to expand your creativity, create more art and build a regular practice then Creating a Space to Create is a fundamental step

so... to get you thinking about your personal art space - I have created a fun resource to print out and fill in -

personally I am a huge fan of printables - I love to take them to a coffee shop - spend some quiet time away from my work - and let the printables questions guide me to focus and brainstorm

even if I get one piece of valuble information from the process - then its worth it

and there are a couple of other things I would like to highlight that wouldnt fit into my acronym of s.p.a.c.e. ...


Its essential - even a brightly lit room might not be enough if your middle aged like me - its well worth considering some directed light source


Even if you already have an art space ... you could think about how to upgrade it..clean it up ...make it gorgeous ....

make creating your space your next artwork

Taking the extra time on such a fundamental thing makes a huge difference ...

Elevated spaces make elevated art

Step 1: Space - why - what - where

So WHY - is the first question - why do you want an art space ...

are you wanting to do this every day ... is this a 'taking over the spare room' type of endevour

or are you just wanting a weekly affair .. and just creating a beautiful corner in your home is enough

or do you want to be an artist .. do you want a studio .. this is your first question

The next question is WHAT

what do you intend doing in your space

are you quietly playing with your watercolours

or are you creating giant sloppy canvas paintings

So WHERE will it fit

Somewhere with enough space to do what you want to do

somewhere that is visible - so you can be inspired to use it

somewhere that has enough light and ventilation so you can see and breath

Step 2: Planning - Laying the Foundation with a Plan

So Once you have decided on a space ... now you can brainstorm on paper what you want it to look like

It is so much easier to find mistakes on paper than having to rearrange heavy furniture

and in your planning you can be UNBOUNDED ... go wild ... fantasize...then reign it in after you do the maths

and in your planning - look for inspiration - for example the hero photo at the top of this page is from a blog about a childs art room ...those peg boards are my next creative adventure

Step 3: Arranging - Display Your Art Supplies like a Lollie Shop

Its about enticing yourself - making it so desirable..that you cant help but use the area and create art

Think about creating your art supplies display just like you would approach creating a painting

Make it beautiful..they are already beautiful ... now you just need to think about containers and shelving to show them off

and you also have to be practical too ... like do you need an area to display your half done or finished work

What about a drying rack... this is what I made for myself .... its a simple cupboard .. and the shelves are actually removable drawing boards for when I want to paint big watercolours -

then I put my art in there to dry - and I use the top for a display space ... so useful I just built another one..and they are goint to look AWESOME with the pegboards I am going to make

By hiding the choas in cupboards - and displaying the tools you need in a way that is attractive

you are setting yourself up for success

Step 4: COMMITMENT - Practicing Persistance

This is why they call it an Art Practice

Its like exercise ... to see the benefits you have to do it regularly

make it habit

On this page of the printout - you want to look at your week

What do you do habitually every week

work out where you are going to place creating art in your life

Make the space in your day and commit to it

Step 5: ENJOY - What its all about

Even enjoyment can be premeditated

When you research 'how to create a habit' its about creating the space...physically, emotionally and in your commitment to carve out the time

but there are subtle cues that you can use to trigger the 'habit response'

like ...lets say you wanted to go swimming in the morning .... one way to help yourself be more motivated is to set out your bathers and clothes the night before .. so when you wake up - everything is there ready to go

So when it comes to you creating art - brainstorm a few ideas that might inspire you to get going

is it looking at art you would like to create .. print it out and have it there on display

is it..buying a new coloured ink/pencil/brush ... I love to go to an art supplies shop and buy one or two new things....I dont need a whole box

I come home and play with my new toy and create heaps of art..its so inspirational

Another constant inspiration is in setting yourself a goal

wether its conquering a new technique

or painting a series of work

Having a goal keeps us focused and helps us to grow

- and when you reach it

dont forget to buy yourself a present ... rewards are essential