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Its true - I have spent the last thirty years working on a plan...

-1st ten years - learn to be an artist and make limited edition prints
-2nd ten years - sell the prints and build biosphere homes
-3rd ten years - create a sustainable housing development over 20 acres and dome it

i got half way

Now I could wax lyrical on the many reasons I didnt get there...the deaths...the house fire burning everything...and art is hard - it took 10 years to learn how to be good enough to make my first print....single parenting..its like hopping up a hill with one hand tied behind your back...buts lets face it..I did get good, and I did bring in the money and as a successful artist life became something like a circus - pretty sure I spent about 10 years of it completely high...

but thank god..... now we are here....and i can explain to you WHY THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT


When you look at the bell curve of western existance - most people (which statistically is probably you) sit in the comfy middle. Some few people like movie stars and the insanely rich have magnificent lives - then some people are at the the extreme other end.....because trauma clusters...did you ever notice that...I have

Bad things dont happen evenly spaced out to every family....nothing happens to most people ...and lots of bad things keep happening to a few.....mathmatically some people take the brunt of the horrible things in life so that others can live fairly uneventful and happy else would you know you were having a good life if you had nothing to compare it to.

You wouldnt believe the crap I have been mother was killed in a car accident, my sister killed herself, my boyfriend died of a heart attack when he was 28, I was left with a 6 week old baby...and IT GOES ON....

Anyway there I was at the end of the bell curve - thank god I had a thirty year plan...otherwise things might have felt a bit chaotic...


So there I was....wading through hell so that you could be happy....and always on a never ending mission to save the world...

I made the prints...never stopped learning and practicing permaculture and sustainability ...constantly drawing and designing fabulous homes built out of sticky tape and string....i even went to uni in a last ditch effort to learn how to sell the prints on the internet before the thirty years was up


and here i am...its over.. thirty years...the plan is over...i miss it already...i dont know what to do....I really am terrified of the nature of life and the horrifiying things that can happen - i have catastrophic skin cancer..the type that slowley disfigures you and kills you...i miss my mother every day...fuck... this must be a midlife crisis

wow...snap out of I am...sober, no debts, a wonderful new relationship, money in the bank and millions of dollars worth of limited editions...i moved to the desert so i have no distractions, constant peace and autonomy where i meditate every day - and am creating new paintings and making websites as art...truth is ...i am one of the luckiest people on the planet...i guess its all about perspective

thank god for the last thirty years and all that perspective


To live life unguided and without a strong path is unfathomable. My life is unheralded - I dont even know of a country that has stuck to a thirty year plan - I cant see the point in a life without one - this is my moral compas - the vision of a twelve year old ...the plan of a suicidal 21 year old.....the amalgamation of my existance in what is only an idea.....a drawing...a permaculture society under a dome....

So I guess what I will do now is........

well i am looking at the 5 acre block up the road here...the views are amazing, and if i can sell some of the prints then the money will go toward creating an off grid house surrounded by gorgeous raised aquaponic beds so i can play on the internet and garden all day (build the whole thing like a work of art...SO GREAT)...then build an earthship gallery down the front of the property so that people can come in and see the art and checkout how to grow stunning vertical gardenbeds, fish farm and build divine environments at the same time......

so buy a print - you never know what might happen

or at least subscribe - and get sent updates so you can see what happens

a picture of a permaculture society under a dome

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