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a drawing of happy animals and people on an ark


Hi - I am Mandy - a real life artist who went back to uni to learn how to sell my limited edition prints on the internet

I have been making my own websites and spend a lot of time reading marketing and 'how to' this is my latest attempt (#5) at a front page which

1. Speaks to my target audience..(
2. Demonstrates that I understand the problem......(...umm...I know what your going through?)
3. Solves the problem and improves your life....(....i think you should buy a puppy)
4. Write web copy that connects to you on an emotional level ( is that puppy going?)
5. Inspires you to take the next step in a "funnel system" (and the next and the next until you buy something.....are you there yet?)

buy something


There are 43 different limited editions that have been created from my best work

If you buy a limited edition print off me i promise to put the money towards building a sustainable house

the prints

a painting of a beach scene in yallingup western australia


The truth is that I am middle aged and have an extraordinary body of work (and am making more all the time) the best way to see it all is to subscribe to my newsletter system and you will recieve a new series of work in a different website each month (its all a bit much to take in all at once - I recommend this path


a painting of fish and coral around pylons under a jetty


So because there is an evergrowing chain of websites (a new one every month) it can be overwhelming. So in all sites at the top of every web page there is '',which will bring you back to this page (so you cant get lost) if you want to have a look at some....



all about fish pic

Paintings and drawings of fish

see more


lyrical art pic

a series of Mandys most popular works

find out


seascapes pic

Stunning beach scenes from western australia

read more


love heart art

The beautifully simple love heart series

click here

WEBSITE MADE BY MANDY @ 27 dawson st beverley wa 6304 an image of Mandys link to her google plus account an image of Mandys link to her pinterest account an image of Mandys link to her twitter account an image of Mandys link to her facebook account

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